With Team ROCKWOOL Racing we want to take the sailing experience to a new level. Featuring a mix between in-depth stories, authentic video experiences and detailed guides, we'll be exploring various aspects of sailing with Team ROCKWOOL Racing.

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Communication is key

Good communication between team members can easily mean the difference between winning and losing.

In this theme you can listen to the team communicating whilst trying to time the start in the Sydney SailGP and learn how the noise on-board the catamaran impacts performance. You can also learn more about how noise impacts you and what you can do about it!


Martin Kirketerp

Train with the twins

All athletes need to take care of their bodies to be at the top of their game. Especially the grinders have an extremely physcial role aboard the boat and must work hard every day to deliver a top-level performance.

The twins Lars-Peter & Hans-Chrisitian from Team ROCKWOOL Racing have put together two great training guides, so you can see how they stay in shape! 

SailGP twins Lars-Peter & Hans-Christian

A truly resilient team

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SailGP team Denmark F50